BSF Team Affiliation Fees 2017

1.  Co-Ed Slowpitch League Teams (Full Fee):  £185 per team per year.

2.  New League Teams (this does not apply to new Independent / Tournament teams):
     a.  Year 1:  £110.
     b.  Year 2:  £125.
     c.  Year 3:  £140.
     d.  Year 4:  full fees (see above)

3.  Scottish Co-Ed Slowpitch League Teams:  £150.

The Scottish region does not have access to the same level of services and opportunities to play softball in the UK as teams in England and Wales.  As such, a reduced level of BSF fees for Scottish Co-Ed Slowpitch League Teams only was agreed at the 2006 AGM.  Exception:  Any Scottish Co-Ed Slowpitch League Team that plays in tournaments outside Scotland will be liable to pay the full League Team rate.

4.  Independent / Tournament Co-Ed Teams:  £160.

5.  University and Youth Teams:  £70.

Youth teams are club-based youth teams, not school teams.  To qualify for the youth team rate, at least 50% of the players on the team need to be under 18.

6.  Great Britain Fastpitch League (GBFL) Teams:  £100.



Team fees for league teams are to be collected centrally by leagues and passed on to the British Softball Federation by 1 June 2017.  In the case of league teams, it is the responsibility of the league to ensure that fees have been received by the BSF by that date.

Independent (Tournament) Teams are responsible for payment of their own fees direct to the BSF by the same date.



Leagues or Independent Tournament Teams that fail to pay BSF fees by 1 June will be subject to a surcharge of £5 per team per week from 1 June until the fees are paid (equivalent to £1 per team per working day).  This surcharge will be added to the fees.

If fees are not paid by the due date, it may affect eligibility for teams to enter National Championships.

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