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    BSF seeking development grant requests

    The British Softball Federation sets aside a sum of money each year to give out to leagues, teams and occasionally individuals or other organisations in the form of development grants, and the BSF is now looking for new applications.

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    GB Women’s Softball receives private donations

    There seems to be very little chance that the GB Women’s Fastpitch Softball programme will receive any help from the British government in our quest to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.  But the programme has recently received two generous private donations that will definitely make a difference.

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    GB Softball seeks help with merchandising

    The GB Softball Management Committee is looking for someone to help raise money for national teams by taking charge of a GB Softball merchandising programme on a volunteer basis.

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    BSF makes two Development Grant awards

    The British Softball Federation Executive has made two Development Grant awards of £250 each: one to a recently-formed slowpitch softball club in St Helens on Merseyside to purchase equipment for new players and the other to the Great Britain Fastpitch League (GBFL) to help with umpire development.

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    BSF Development grants are now available

    The BSF has a rolling programme of small grants available to leagues, clubs, teams or other softball organisations to help with development projects.

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    Baseball and softball rejoin SportsAid

    Baseball and softball have been reinstated as sports whose junior athletes can receive awards from SportsAid, a sponsor-funded charity that helps young sports people overcome the financial challenges they face as they bid to realise their full potential.

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    The Road to the Tokyo Olympics: GB Softball

    GB Management Committee member Bob Fromer looks at the possibility that the Great Britain Women’s Fastpitch Team could qualify for the softball tournament at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, and sets out what it might take for that goal to be achieved.

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    Give and Win can raise money for softball

    An on-line lottery for sports teams, clubs and leagues called Give and Win has been set up by the Sport & Recreation Alliance, and softball and baseball are two of a small number of sports currently piloting the scheme.

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    BSF grants for development now available

    For many years, the BSF has maintained a programme of small Development Grants available to leagues, teams and sometimes individuals for projects that will aid in the development or promotion of the sport, and applications are invited.

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    GreaterSport and Decathlon support GB Slowpitch Team

    GreaterSport, the Greater Manchester Sports Partnership, has donated Decathlon vouchers to the value of £400 to the Great Britain Slowpitch Team after an approach by BSUK North West Coach Linni Mitchell.

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