BSF Executive Meeting Report: 25 February 2017

Tue 28 Feb 2017

The newly-elected BSF Executive held a face-to-face meeting on Saturday 25 February following the conclusion of the 2017 BSF AGM earlier in the day.  Below is a journalistic report of discussions and decisions.


Present:  Jenny Fromer (President-Elect), Laura Burkhardt (Treasurer), Jana McCaskill (National Teams Officer), Mike Jennings (General Officer), Lesley Morisetti (General Officer, co-opted), Chris Moon (BASU Representative).

Apologies:  Stella Ackrell (Administrator), Liz Graham (National Competitions Officer), Steve Getraer (General Officer).

Guest:  Bob Fromer (BSUK).


Due to some uncertainties around late nominations for the BSF’s annual awards, no awards were announced or given out at the AGM on 25 February.

During the meeting that followed the AGM, the BSF Executive clarified which nominations had been received and decided on the award winners in the categories nominated for the 2016 season.

The list of award winners can be found in the AGM report on the BSF website.  

Safety equipment for the GBFL

At the BSF AGM, Mike Jennings reminded the members that the BSF will pay half the cost of any safety equipment (helmets and catcher’s masks) necessary for teams or leagues to comply with BSF regulations regarding players under the age of 18 playing in adult teams.

At the meeting following the AGM, the Executive agreed to pay half the cost for six facemasks to be purchased by the Great Britain Fastpitch League so that pitchers and corner infielders of whatever age have the option to wear a mask if they choose during GBFL play.

Representation with the BOA and UK Sport

Because softball and baseball are back on the Olympic programme, at least for Tokyo 2020, the sports can now resume formal relations with the British Olympic Association and UK Sport.  But because baseball/softball is regarded in Olympic terms as one sport with male and female formats, we are only allowed to have one representative to these organisations instead of two.

It has been suggested that someone from BSUK would be in the best position to represent both sports to these bodies, but that will require a Memorandum of Understanding from the two Federations agreeing to this and, in effect, giving BSUK some influence over matters relating to Olympic teams and programmes.

Both the BSF and BBF Executives will want to discuss this further.  Until representation is agreed, neither GB Softball or GB Baseball will be able to approach the BOA for support or help or apply through the BOA for Olympic Solidarity Funding.

Representation on the BSUK Board

Going forward, there will need to be changes in the BSF representation on the BSUK Board.

As the new BSF President, and after she takes up the role on 1 April, Jenny Fromer will replace outgoing President Stella Ackrell on the BSUK Board.

However, Mike Jennings’s term on the Board is also up, and the BSF will need to select a replacement.  BSUK is also in the process of appointing three new Independent Directors on the basis of the skills required for the Board.

Next meeting

The BSF Executive will hold its next conference call meeting on Thursday 9 March.

Anyone with items to bring to the attention of the Executive at that meeting should contact BSF Administrator Stella Ackrell (

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