BSF Leagues Round-up: July 2017

Fri 7 Jul 2017

The 2017 season is reaching the midway point for most slowpitch softball leagues around the country.  Below are reports on what’s been happening in some of these leagues during June.


Solent Softball League

The league continues to rumble on as we get down to the business end of the season.

Last year’s league winners, the Knicks, are again defeating everyone that steps up to play them, while all other Division One teams look on in admiration. 

Division Two is shaping up nicely, with teams battling it out for the top spot, and if you remember our report from last month, the Shafters were looking to go through the whole season without dropping any points.  Well, here is a little spotlight on them and how well they have done….

The Shafters are Portsmouth University’s softball team.  The team is currently placed fourth nationally in university softball and has just finished its Solent League campaign entirely undefeated, becoming the clear champions of Division Three.

The Society has been transformed into one that is highly passionate about the sport and always keen to take on beginners.  This year’s team that played in the Solent League was almost all freshers, but intense training and hard work paid off.  The Shafters can’t wait to be in Division Two in next year’s league so they can improve and keep challenging themselves.

Meanwhile, the Chichester Falcons Softball Club is starting up their new teeball club in early July, the first of its kind in the city, where they will be coaching and mentoring 7-10-year-old boys and girls to play a modified version of baseball.

Led by Head Coach James Wheeler, the players will learn how to throw, catch and hit on Saturday mornings at Oaklands Park Softball Field.   Batters will hit the ball off a tee rather than hitting a pitched ball, so that the game will move at a good pace and fielders can be kept busy. 

Falcons Team Manager David Morris said, “The Falcons have been running teeball clubs at local primary schools lately, which have been very popular, so it makes sense to provide a club environment for the game so that other children can have the opportunity to play”. 

Parents or guardians can visit the Falcons website at to enroll their children for the club or find out more about the game.


Cardiff Softball League

The nine Cardiff Softball League teams continued to battle each other throughout June in the round-robin phase of the season.  In Week 6, playing despite heavy rain, the Pontcanna Pirates and Hurricanes were rewarded with comfortable wins against the Red Sox and Giants respectively.

Better weather in Week 7 saw four high-scoring games, with the Pirates winning again, this time 36-22 against the Teirw'r Taf.  In the Battle of the Socks, reigning champions Valley Wet Socks squeezed home 24-20 against the Red Sox, after the luckless Red Sox had led entering the seventh inning.

The Red Sox finally got their first win under their belt in Week 8, with a surprising but thoroughly-deserved 27-12 win over the 2015 champion Hurricanes.  Elsewhere, new team the Sentinels ended their five-game losing streak with a narrow 18-14 victory over the Cardiff Giants to notch their second win of the season.

With two pitches unavailable in Week 9 due to the Tafwyl Festival, the league opted to play two rounds of one-hour timed games on the two remaining pitches.  This seemed to inspire the Teirw to a joyously-celebrated 16-12 win against the Hurricanes, who have seemed out of sorts in dropping three of their eight games.

The Hammers continued their winning run with a comfortable 16-6 result against an under-strength Pirates team, improving to 6-0 on the season.  Meanwhile the Cardiff Chaos ensured their qualification for Division 1 with their fourth win, beating the Sentinels 12-4.

It's the slick-fielding Hammers who are regarded as title favourites, but with no results being carried through to the two-division second phase, all of the five teams who qualify for Division 1 will be in with a chance of being crowned League Champions in August.


Publishers Softball League

The Publishers Softball League has inducted two more people into its Hall of Fame: Karen Hartley from the Piranhas and Tanja Clarke from the Buttheads.

Division 1 is being closely contested by the Piranhas and the Griffins, and the Division 2 leaders are the Springer Sluggers and Buttheads.

Recently, and perhaps for the first time ever, the league was close to calling off a game because the weather was too hot!

League Head Ross Whamond would also like it noted that he is still playing softball at the grand old age of 60!

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