BSF Leagues Round-up: June 2018

Wed 6 Jun 2018

The 2018 slowpitch softball season is now underway for leagues around the country.  Below is a report on the action in May.

Sefton Softball League

The early pace in the Sefton Softball League has been set by reigning champions Crosby Vikings, with three wins out of three and averaging 25 runs per game.  They are closely followed by the Sefton Sharks, who won their first two matches, and the two teams were poised for an early-season crunch match in Week 4.  Can the Sharks finally make a serious challenge for league supremacy?

The Fins recorded their first victory of the season in Week 3 against the Southport Seagulls, edging the closely-fought contest by one run in 35.

A match-up of two winless teams was then scheduled for Week 4, with new Seagulls captain Andy Lott looking to record his first win in charge against the St Helen’s Sabres.

In other news, the league organisers were very disappointed that their award-winning Sefton Shield Tournament had to be postponed due to lack of an available venue.  The terrible late-winter weather that resulted in all Merseyside football leagues extending their season to the end of May, coupled with the closure of a number of football venues for redevelopment, led to a complete lack of availability across the whole of Merseyside.

Discussions are currently underway with a view to returning the tournament to its previous date towards the end of September.  Full details will be posted as soon as they’re confirmed.

Both adult and junior beginners’ sessions are being run prior to league games, with a view to establishing a sixth team in time for the start of the 2019 season.

Further information about Sefton Softball can be found on our website -- -- or on social media: or @seftonsoftball on Twitter and Instagram.


East Midlands Softball League

As has been the case for a number of years, the East Midlands Softball League season is split into two halves, partly to accommodate our university sides and partly to provide more opportunities to win something, as teams have two chances per season to win a divisional title.

This is also the second season that the league has started with three divisions; prior to 2017 all teams started in one big division, playing each other once, before splitting at the end of June.  Last year, however, in a bid to make games more meaningful for those at either end of the table, the league voted to start the season with separate divisions. 

This means that sides in the First and Third Divisions play each team in their division twice (home and away) and then play a cross-divisional game against each of the four teams from the Second Division, creating a total of 10 games per side.  To keep the number of games roughly the same for all, the Second Division teams only play teams in their own division once, in addition to the cross-divisional games, and as such play every team in the league once.

With the break coming in mid-June, the first half of the EMSL season is now almost complete, with only a handful of games left to play.  Some of these are re-arranged games from the first weekend in mid-April, which couldn’t be played due to waterlogged pitches.

Division 3

Division 3 teams have played the fewest games and there is currently a tie at the top of the table, with both Misfits 2 and Beavers having won three games each, closely followed by the Redbacks with two wins.  Unfortunately, Rebels are yet to put any points on the board.

Misfits 2 6 3 3 0 106 93 9
Beeston Beavers 5 3 2 0 90 92 9
Nottingham Redbacks 6 2 4 0 90 115 6
Nottingham Rebels 7 0 7 0 53 154 0


Division 2

In the Second Division, it’s the newly-promoted Leicester Royals setting the pace with six wins and only two defeats – both losses coming against Division 1 competition in their cross-divisional games.  The Royals are benefitting from picking up a couple of key players in the off-season and are now looking for back-to-back promotions.

Their closest contender is the University of Nottingham Arrows, with four wins from eight games.  Brewers and Sheriffs, both of whom have been the ‘top dogs’ in the EMSL in recent years, are one and two wins behind the Arrows respectively, as they try to avoid relegation into the third tier for the first time in either of their histories.

Leicester Royals 8 6 2 0 137 101 18
University of Nottingham Arrows 8 4 4 0 141 116 12
Nottingham Brewers 8 3 5 0 102 95 9
Sheriffs of Nottingham 5 2 3 0 53 73 6


Division 1

Just like Division 3, the ‘top flight’ is also a close-run thing, with Pyros and Misfits both unbeaten prior to the Bank Holiday weekend when Pyros visited the Misfits at their ground in Long Eaton.  It was the Pyros who came away with a 31-9 win, the game ending after six innings.

This wasn’t really indicative of the level of play, but both sides came into the game nursing a couple of injuries, and unfortunately for Misfits they sustained more during the course of the game.  This means that Pyros are still unbeaten on five wins from five games, while Misfits are now level with Pyromaniacs on four wins each – but the Maniacs have played two games more than the Misfits.

Tigers, having been promoted at the end of the 2017 season, are at the foot of the table with only two wins, both against Second vision opposition, and will have their work cut out to prevent themselves going straight back down.  But they were able to celebrate Adam Tooley's home run to left field in their victory over the University of Nottingham Arrows (below).

Pyros 5 5 0 0 103 36 15
Misfits 5 4 1 0 64 63 12
Pyromaniacs 7 4 3 0 95 72 12
Tigers 6 2 4 0 42 66 6


Greater London Softball Mixed League

Welcome to the first update from the GLSML season!

Majors Division 1 continues to be dominated by MI6, currently defeating everyone in their path, although LNZ are hot on their heels, with their only loss to the unbeaten leaders.  Raiders Gold are yet to break their duck for the season, but should take heart from the fact that they were competitive in two of their three games.

In Majors 2, it once again seems it could be anyone's division, with teams all taking points off each other.  With some games to catch up, Private Is have three wins from three and hold that coveted promotion spot, having beaten Meteors Purple, OddSox and Fuzzy Ducks along the way.  The Mob picked up their first win in Majors 2, beating Meteors Purple 15-10 after some promising, if losing, performances.

In Majors 3 there appears to be an early split, with the top three of Mouse Rat, Pirates and Base Invaders breaking away from the peloton.  Will Mouse Rat suffer from a post -uptuals hangover or continue with their unbeaten run?

In Minors 1, the circular victories have started already.  Nobody is unbeaten, and the leaders, whoever they may be, are still positioned amongst the peloton.  The Voodoos should consider themselves unlucky not to have not a game, as all three of their losses were relatively close.

In Minors 2, we have two unbeaten teams, with Game of Throws sneaking past potential promotion candidates Soft Boiled last week.  Base Jumpers also have two wins from two games and will be looking to bounce back into Minors 1 by the end of the year.  Golden Sombreros will be hoping their early season siesta is finished, as the Minors 2 newcomers have found it a difficult start.

In Minors 3, we have two unbeaten teams, with The Mafia the early pace-setters, scoring 61 runs in the process.  High Voltage will be looking to chase them as they catch up on rearranged fixtures in hand.

In Minors 4, the Brew Jays lead the way after sneaking past Meteors Green, 26-25.  The Parrots have only one loss, to the table-topping Brew Jays.  All of the GLSML new teams now have a victory to their name, Beavers beating Meteors Green, BYOB beating Beavers, and Meteors Green beating Raiders Orange.  Congratulations to them -- and here’s to many more wins to come!


Publishers Softball League

The 2018 Publishers Softball League season has gotten off to a flying start, with new and established teams enjoying fun and friendly matches on Primrose Hill and the PSL umpires forming a clos-knit group along with the teams and players (helped in no small part by The Princess of Wales pub offering PSL teams free chips and 20% off their drinks).

Sadly, games were rained off on Tuesday 29 May, so that division’s six teams have only played three games each, and the results have created a crowd at the top of the table.  The Hawks, Sharks, Sluggers and Superheroes all have seven points and a 2-1 record, with the Batstreet Boys trailing them with one win and the Silver Bears languishing at the bottom of the table with three consecutive losses.

It’s a difficult start for the hardy Bears, but with seven games left, nothing is yet set and it’s all to play for in this league.

The Wednesday Division is a close race between reigning champions GDS Griffins and the Buttheads, who have moved to the division from Tuesdays and have much to prove.  And so far, they’re proving it.

The middle of the table is contested by the Ticklers and Piranhas, an age-old PSL rivalry that’s the closest thing publishing has to the Yankees and the Red Sox, and this writer isn’t picking a side.  The G&T Giants had a rocky start, but are picking up, while the Bedford Square Bashers and newly-formed Penguins are still awaiting their first win of the season, which is bound to come soon.

Both teams, like most in the PSL, have real energy on and off the field, and the rest of the season is sure to be a lot of fun.  Please join us in praying for a sunny Primrose Hill on Tuesdays and Wednesdays!

The PSL is also looking forward to the return of its All-Star Team, following their excellent first outing at last year’s Hit and Run Tournament in Maidenhead.  The All-Stars, captained by League President Colin Russell, feature players from the Silver Bears, Hachette Hawks, Ticklers and Superheroes, and will be entering the DiscoBall Tournament on 30 June.

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