Men’s Division tight at the top in GBFL

Mon 22 May 2017

After a week’s break, the second half of the Great Britain Fastpitch League (GBFL) season resumed at Farnham Park on Saturday 20 May, and the day’s results produced a really tight struggle at the top of the Men’s Division with just two days of play left on the schedule.

Meanwhile, in the Women’s Division, The Mix, the team made up mainly of GB Women and GB Under-19 Women pool players, won three more games to take their season record to 11-1 and stretch their lead at the top.  Last year’s division champions, the London Angels, won two more games to take their record to 7-4, and are the only team that can catch The Mix.  But it would probably take a minor miracle – or a massive loss of form by The Mix -- for the Angels to do so.

Men’s Division​

Meteors Black lead the Men’s Division with a 10-3 record, but Meteors Green, with three wins on the day, have climbed into second place with a record of 9-3-1.  Meteors Blue, who defeated Meteors Black during the afternoon of a cool, windy and occasionally rainy day, are still not out of the title race, sitting on a 9-5 record, just two games back in the loss column.

But to leapfrog over Meteors Black and Green to take the title, Meteors Blue will probably have to go undefeated over the final two GBFL Saturdays, on 27 May and 3 June.

The unluckiest team of the day in the Men’s Division was undoubtedly the Tigers, who lost all three games, but by a total of only six runs, including one-run losses to Meteors Black and the Chichester Falcons.

For the improving Chichester Falcons, playing in the GBFL for the first time this year, the day brought their first three wins – a 7-6 victory over the Tigers followed an earlier 4-0 win over Meteors Red and a 4-3 win over Meteors Blue.

This has moved the Falcons off the bottom spot in the table for the first time all year, as they now sit in fifth place, a half-game ahead of Meteors Red.

Results and standings

Here are the Men’s Division results for Week 4 and the current standings:

Chichester Falcons 4, Meteors Blue 3
Meteors Black 8, Tigers 7
Chichester Falcons 4, Meteors Red 0
Meteors Green 6, Meteors Blue 4
Meteors Black 11, Tigers 7
Meteors Green 4, Meteors Red 1
Chichester Falcons 7, Tigers 6
Meteors Blue 12, Meteors Black 7
Meteors Red 12, Chichester Falcons 1
Meteors Green 8, Meteors Blue 4


Meteors Black 10 3 0 .769 +29
Meteors Green 9 3 1 .731 +49
Meteors Blue 9 5 0 .643 +64
Tigers 5 7 1 .423 -26
Chichester Falcons 3 10 1 .250 -59
Meteors Red 2 10 1 .192 -57

Women’s Division

In the Women’s Division, The Mix had to struggle for two of their wins on the day in two fairly tight games against the Oxford Diamonds.  These games pitted The Mix’s Canadian pitcher, Andrea Williams, against GB Women’s Team pitcher Amie Hutchison, who was pitching for the Diamonds a week after returning to the UK following her first season at Eastern Florida College in the United States.

The scores were 7-0 and 6-1 to The Mix, but this was more a reflection of better fielding by The Mix and a slightly more potent offense, as both pitchers threw well.

Meanwhile, the Free Agents, a team with a number of GB Under-16 players, came up with their second win over the season, 7-1 over The Strays in the opening game of the day, behind an excellent pitching performance from Izzy Quy and some good play in the infield.

The Free Agents remain bottom of the table, but are now only one game behind The Strays, and will be trying hard to pass them over the last two Saturdays of the season.

Over the course of the day on 20 May, several of the Women’s Division teams played an extra game against the Lakenheath Lancers, a team of American high school players from the US Air Force base at Lakenheath in Suffolk.  The Lancers are travelling to Germany on the Bank Holiday Weekend to play in the US military European Championship and were glad to have warm-up games against stronger teams.

These exhibition games were arranged between GBFL Director Lee Grafton and Lakenheath Coach John Gilmore, a long-time friend of GB Softball.  Two former Lakenheath Lancers – Morgan and Ali Parkerson – went on to play for the GB Women’s Team between 2009 and 2012.

Results and standings

Here are the Women’s Division results for Week 4 and the current standings:

Free Agents 7, Strays 1
London Angels 22, Strays 0
The Mix 7, Oxford Diamonds 0
The Mix 6, Oxford Diamonds 1
London Angels 11, Free Agents 5
Oxford Diamonds 11, The Strays 5
The Mix 14, Free Agents 0


The Mix 11 1 0 .917 +119
London Angels 7 4 0 .636 +41
Oxford Diamonds 5 6 0 .455 -23
The Strays 3 8 0 .273 -83
Free Agents 2 9 0 .182 -54


Photos by Jan Grafton

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