MI6 captures the top trophy at the 2017 Edinburgh Festiball

Mon 28 Aug 2017

The 2017 Edinburgh Festiball drew 28 teams from around the country up to Scotland on the weekend of 26-27 August, where they faced the usual Bank Holiday mix of sunshine, clouds and a couple of Saturday showers at the Peffermill Playing Fields.

As usual, the tournament broke down into multiple groups after initial Comp and Rec round-robins, with a total of 14 trophies on offer for winners and runners-up.

Tournament structure

Sixteen Comp teams were divided into two groups of eight for a full round-robin, followed by semi-finals and finals for Upper and Lower Comp 1 groups (the Fleming Cup and the Bell Cup) and Upper and Lower Comp 2 groups (the Watt Cup and the Baird Cup).

Twelve Rec teams played an initial round-robin in two groups of six, then split into the Lister Cup (the top two teams from each round-robin group, the Dewar Cup (the third and fourth-placed teams from each group) and the Scott Cup (the fifth and sixth-placed teams from each group.

Each of these Cup groups played another round-robin followed by a final between the top two teams.

The Grand Final in the Fleming Cup, between MI6 from the Greater London Softball Mixed League and the Lions from Manchester, was played in front of the usual packed stand cheering on the teams.

Rec results

Results and MVPs from the Rec groups were as follows:

Rec 3 (Scott Cup)
Winner -- Forgers (Edinburgh)
Runner-up --Vandals (Edinburgh)
MVPs:  Adam Slater and Corrin Belkin (Forgers)

Rec 2 (Dewar Cup)
Winner -- Lucky Strikes (Bristol)
Runner-up -- Inglorious Batters (Edinburgh)
MVPs:  Rich Foggarty and Vicky Sully (Lucky Strikes)

Rec 1 (Lister Cup)
Winner -- Misfits (East Midlands)
Runner-up -- Loan Sharks (Sefton Softball League)
MVPs:  Chase Martin (Misfits) and Emma Lott (Loan Sharks)

Comp results

Comp 2 Lower (Baird Cup)
Winner -- Dazzlers (GLMSL)
Runner-up -- Chargers (GLMSL)
MVPs:  Isaac Howard and Adaly Perez (Dazzlers)

Comp 2 Upper (Watt Cup)
Winner -- Honey Badgers (Glasgow)
Runner-up -- Mavericks (Manchester)
MVPs:  Teppi Itoh and Debbie Wilson (Honey Badgers)

Comp 1 Lower (Bell Cup)
Winner -- Hairy Coos (Glasgow)
Runner-up -- KK's (Windsor)
MVPs:  Jenny Helgit and Tristan Gibbons (Hairy Coos)

Comp 1 Upper (Fleming Cup)
Winner -- MI6 (GLMSL)
Runner-up -- Lions (Manchester)
MVPs:  Duncan Waugh and Kim Robertson (MI6)

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