Minute’s silence observed at MSL games

Tue 30 May 2017

Harry Somers, editor of the Manchester Softball League newsletter Bases Loaded, has addressed the Manchester Arena bombing in the most recent issue:   

Following the horrendous terrorist attack in Manchester on 22 May, Manchester Softball League games during the week that followed were preceded by a minute’s silence.

The tragedy impacted the schedule the next day, with the Enforcers’ game against the Meteors called off due to large numbers of the Enforcers team who are members of Greater Manchester Police being called to duty.  Other teams were given dispensation to start games late as players faced transport disruption, especially those crossing the city centre.

Thankfully, as far as we are aware, no one from the Manchester softball community has been directly affected by the incident, but of course we are all reeling from the shock of what has been described as “the deadliest attack on British soil since 7/7”.  Mancunians were sombre and subdued the morning after, but it was quickly decided that to cancel the week’s MSL games would only be letting terrorism win.

Photos by David Dean

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