Qualified teams confirmed for NSL Nationals

Fri 3 Aug 2018

Following the completion of National Softball League fixtures at Diamond Series 3 on 28-29 July, we now know the teams that have qualified to play in the Premier and NSL 2 National Championships at Farnham Park on 1-2 September.

We also know the teams that will contest a parallel “NSL 3” tournament on the same weekend, with the teams finishing first and second gaining promotion to NSL 2 for the 2019 season.

And congratulations are in order for the Mavericks, who finished first in the NSL 2 standings and will be promoted to NSL 1 for 2019, while Thunder is the team that came last in NSL 1 and will be relegated to NSL 2.


The final standings in NSL 1 were affected by the fact that Chromies and Pioneers did not take part in Diamond Series 3 because the European Slowpitch Super Cup started the following day, and their unplayed fixtures were counted as draws.

Nevertheless, Pioneers still managed to top the table, and a tie between Chromies and H2O for second place was resolved in Chromies’ favour on runs conceded.

The eight teams that will contest the Premier Nationals, based on their places in the table, are:

1 – Pioneers
2 – Chromies
3 – H2O
4 – Travelling Dodgers
5 – Legends
6 – Knights
7 – Bristol
8 – LNZ

In the final NSL 1 game, Greensox drew with Legends, resulting in three-way tie
between LNZ, Greensox and Blue Steel for the eighth and final Premier Nationals place, which again had to be resolved by maths and regulations.

The four teams missing out on the Premier Nationals finished in this order:

9 – Blue Steel
10 – Greensox
11 – KKs
12 – Thunder

The final table will be a particular shock for Blue Steel, who have finished in the upper reaches of NSL 1 for the past several seasons.

The KKs and Thunder fought all the way to avoid relegation, but the KKs sealed their place in NSL 1 with a win over the Dodgers, and it was Thunder who will play in NSL 2 in 2019.


The two teams that were new to NSL 2 this year, Honey Badgers and Blitz Havoc, both did well over the season, and both achieved a place in the NSL 2 Nationals.

The division was won by Mavericks, who will play in NSL 1 next year.  The eight teams to qualify for the NSL 2 Nationals did so in the following order:

1 – Mavericks
2 – Warriors
3 – Bristol Bees
4 – Ninos Privados
5 – Blitz Bombers
6 – SPAM
7 – Honey Badgers
8 – Blitz Havoc

The four teams missing out on the NSL 2 National finished in this order:

9 – Terriers
10 – Naturals
11 – Pyromaniacs
12 – Outlaws

Pyromaniacs and Outlaws are relegated, and their places will be taken next year by the two teams that finish at the top of the “NSL 3 Nationals”, to be played alongside the Premier and NSL 2 Nationals at Farmham Park on 1-2 September.

Trophies and medals for first, second and third place teams in NSL 1 and 2 will to be presented during the NSL Nationals.


Eight teams have signed up with the BSF to play in the “NSL 3 Nationals” and challenge for places in NSL 2 for 2019, and have been accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

To achieve a place in this event, teams must be registered with the BSF and must qualify their players during the season either via league or tournament play.

The eight teams will play a complete round-robin, with the top two gaining the vacant places in NSL 2 for 2019.  Should any other NSL 2 places become available, then teams ranked third, fourth etc from this event will be offered the places.

There will be trophies and medals for the top three teams and there will be Cup and Plate finals to finish the event after the round-robin.

The eight teams taking part are:

Drizzle (Manchester)
Fuzzy Ducks (GLSML)
Misfits (East Midlands)
Raiders Gold (GLSML)
RG Blue Sox (Windsor)
Spittin' Camels (Manchester)
The Mob (GLSML)
Tomahawks (Solent)

Meanwhile, places for the 2019 NSL 3 event are already filling up, with the following teams registered:

Sharks (Sefton)
Outlaws (Manchester - demoted team 2018)
Maidenhead Royals (Windsor - demoted team 2017)
Pyromaniacs (East Midlands - demoted team 2018)
Portsmouth Dodgers (Solent - demoted team 2017)

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