Route to the Co-ed Nationals

In an effort to make the BSF Co-ed Slowpitch National Championships a competition that teams around the country want to qualify for, the BSF wants to increase the number of teams taking part and improve the quality of the tournament.

There are four different routes to a place in the 2016 Co-ed Nationals, to be played on the weekend of 13-14 August at Farnham Park.  These routes are detailed below.

2015 Nationals Winners (Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze)

These teams will receive an automatic place in the 2016 Co-ed Nationals as defending champions – except that last year's Silver winner will be required to compete at a competitive level rather than staying in the recreational half of the tournament. 

To confirm a place, these teams will need to have a representative at the 2016 BSF AGM on Saturday 20 February in Manchester. 

2015 League or Division Winners

The 2015 winner of each division in every BSF-affiliated league is eligible to have a place at the appropriate level in the 2016 Co-ed Nationals.  These teams will have been notified of their eligibility either directly by the BSF or by their League Chair or Committee.  If a league has, say, three divisions, then the winner of each division can have a place in the Co-ed Nationals.  Should the winning team not be able to take up its place, then it will be at the BSF’s discretion whether the second-placed team in the division is offered the place.

To confirm their place at Nationals, or to keep their option open to take up their place, these league and/or division winners will have to send a representative to the 2016 BSF AGM on Saturday 20 February.

2016 Tournament Teams

Any independent tournament team affiliated to the BSF and outside the National Softball League that would like a place in the 2016 Co-ed Nationals will need to indicate this by the time of the AGM by emailing BSF Tournaments Officer Liz Graham (  Based on the number of teams wishing to utilise this route to Nationals, the BSF will determine the criteria to be met to obtain a place. 

Independent tournament teams that have indicated their desire for a National place will need to be represented at the AGM.

Premier/NSL Nationals

The top eight teams in the National Softball League (NSL), as determined by NSL play in 2016, will qualify for the 2016 Premier Nationals, as has been the case in previous years. 

The Premier Nationals will be played as part of the Co-ed Nationals, along with all other grades of play, on 13-14 August at Farnham Park.