Herts Baseball Club to start slowpitch softball programme

Sun 11 Dec 2016

A new slowpitch softball team and programme will be launched at Herts Baseball Club in 2017, with training sessions taking place from late January.  New players and existing Herts baseball players are welcome to join.

The team, to be known as the Buzzards (Herts baseball teams are called the Falcons, Hawks and Raptors) will start as a fun, recreational team playing in selected tournaments and arranging friendly matches with local teams as it develops and finds its feet.  The expectation is that the team will either join a local league or be able to start its own league by 2018.


The inspiration for the team has come from a group of parents who have spent many hours watching their sons and daughters play baseball for Herts.  They find themselves at a loose end now that their offspring have moved on, but still want to be involved with the club and want to have a go themselves.

That’s what has led to the team name ‘Buzzards’, which keeps with the Herts bird theme but might be seen as a description of some of the players in the team (old and haggard!).

However, the team is open to all -- young and old, new and experienced, men and women – and the idea is to have a great time.  If you would like to join the Herts ‘family’ and have some fun playing slowpitch softball, you’ll be welcome.


Details of Herts slowpitch training sessions will be published on the club website and emailed to interested parties once they have been finalised.  Herts Softball is open to anyone over 14 years of age, but the team will predominantly be an adult team.

The new team has also been inspired by former Herts youth players Theo Longboy and Marianna Casal, who were part of the GB Under-19 Women’s Fastpitch Team that won the European Junior Championship this past summer.  The Buzzards may not recreate the success of the GB Under-19s immediately, but the more players we can get having fun, the better the results will be!

By adding softball to the club, it is hoped that Herts now offers something for everyone: adult baseball, casual ‘recreational’ baseball, youth baseball and co-ed recreational slowpitch softball.

For more information on the Buzzards please contact: http://hertsbaseball.com/contact-us/.

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